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This can aid in increasing growth in the economy and also develop. Planning for families is also an effective way of reducing poverty and inequality. These are directly linked with climate change. Information about family Planning and Education. 13 Facts you must know: Family Planning and Gender -based violence

Violence based on gender is closely linked to the process of family planning. This allows women to take informed decisions about their reproductive health, as well as in planning for the number of children they wish to have. This will give women the power to make decisions and lessen their vulnerability to violence that is based on gender.

In addition, family planning may help in the fight against of gender-based violence by enabling women to be more active in the workplace and to pursue educational and career opportunities. If women are in control of their reproductive health, they're more likely to enjoy the ability and freedom to be free from the violence of their interactions.

Family planning can also be means to lessen gender gaps in education and working, and helping to prevent violence based on gender.

Information about Families Planning education: 14. Facts You Should Know Aspects of Family Planning is linked with Maternal, and Child Health

Family planning is closely linked with the child and maternal health and allows individuals and couples to take informed decisions regarding their health, reproductive and planning for the number of children they would like to have. This could help decrease the incidence of unintentional pregnancies, which can in turn lower infant and maternal mortality levels.

Family planning can also be an effective method to improve health for both children and mothers. This can help women become more involved in the labour market, which could lead to an increase in economic activity and progress. Family planning, in turn, can also help to reduce poverty and inequality, which are closely linked to health for both children and mothers.

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