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Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodel Confluent Kitchen

The appearance of your kitchen is bigger and spacious when it actually is. A small kitchen requires plenty of light. It can appear dark and cramped when upper cabinets create shadows on the counters. The removal or reduction of them will greatly open up the space. Also, you can visually increase the height of your kitchen's aesthetic by spreading tiles that run from backsplash until the ceiling.

You might be concerned over the effects of the removal of cabinets that are higher up on your shelves. If you are it is the case, then consider adding a functional island or work together with a professional to improve your bottom cabinet storage.

2. Open Shelves

For kitchens with small spaces open shelving is an ideal option. It can be done by ensuring that your shelves have at least 10 inches thick. So, the shelves will be able to handle dinner plates as well as other large items without sweating. It is easy to change the look of your kitchen with open shelves. The same colour of your shelves and walls helps them blend into the space, giving the room the airy and light feeling. This will highlight your exquisite food items and other decorative objects. Be aware that open shelves will require less management and regular cleaning.

3. Invisible Hardware

Though it's not obvious, the protruding knobs and pulls take up an enormous amount of space both visually and physically. A touch latch or lip is used to secure cabinets within the "handleless" kitchen. The seamless kitchen design works well for smaller kitchens with visual clutter that is minimal. Removing knobs and pulls out of your kitchen design gives you a little bit of visual space. It also makes your tiny kitchen seem larger. This design allows you to get around your space without getting on your hips or getting stuck in your clothes.